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Ronnie “Magick Traxx” Ramone
Artist and Psychic Medium, Gifted with the Magickal Powers of Pisces 🐟 I ascended into the Earth in the City of Detroit Michigan. My main priority is to speak the truth with compassion. As a reader and psychic using my gifts to help others brings a certain kind of peace to my soul. Part of my life’s work and mission. I created the Rebel Network collective as a way to spread and celebrate The Arts with supporters and like minded individuals. When you live in your purpose and help others, Magick is bound to happen!

Ronnie "Magick Traxx" Ramone


Here We Grow!

Where are you? Spiritual Advisors Spiritual Advisors are individuals who offer guidance and support, helping people to navigate through their spiritual journey. …

Meet Magick Traxx

As an artist and psychic medium, I possess the magickal powers of Pisces. With truth, compassion and honesty, I convey visions and …

Hey Hey 3rd Eye Army!

Greetings and a very warm welcome to the mystical 3rd Eye Army! We are happy and excited to have you onboard, and …

What is the 3rd Eye Army?

Short Answer: An Empath Army We are a collective of spiritually gifted beings. We have been called to our collective mission. We …


GiGi Real is an exceptionally talented Psychic Medium who possesses a unique combination of Intuitive Empathy and unparalleled sensitivity to the other world’s energies. Moreover, she is the proud founder of the prestigious 3rd Eye Army, a community of remarkable individuals who are passionate about exploring the spiritual realm and unlocking their hidden potential. Her profound insight and extraordinary abilities have made her a highly sought-after Psychic and trusted advisor for many people worldwide.

Virginia "GiGi Real" Rodgers



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