As an artist and psychic medium, I possess the magickal powers of Pisces. With truth, compassion and honesty, I convey visions and messages that I receive from the spirits. My gifts enable me to help people through psychic readings. I have also created the Rebel Network collective, which fosters a community of open-minded and empowering individuals who are eager to learn and spread their own gifts and talents. My purpose is to use my unique abilities to assist others in their spiritual journey. Through my art, I depict visions and experiences seen through my psychic senses. The Rebel Network provides a supportive and safe platform for people to explore themselves and connect with like-minded individuals to help them on their own unique journey.

The Artist

Ronnie Magick Traxx Ramone is an artist with a versatile skill set that includes graphic design, traditional art, oil painting and rave art. This means that she is proficient in using digital tools and software to create visual designs, as well as in painting and drawing by hand. Her knowledge of rave art also suggests a familiarity with psychedelic and neon aesthetics as well as an ability to create vibrant and dynamic compositions. The fact that she can work with oil as a medium also sets her apart, as this technique requires patience and mastery over both colour and texture. Overall, she is a highly talented and diverse artist who can use different mediums to create unique and captivating visual expressions.

The Musician

Magick Traxx is also a very talented music DJ with expertise in various electronic music genres such as jungle, drum and bass, garage, electro, and breaks. She creates a unique and dynamic sound that resonates with music lovers worldwide. With her strong understanding of music theory, time signatures, and rhythm, she can mix beats and create harmonious melodies that keep the crowd engaged and entertained. Whether at music festivals, clubs, or private events, Magick Traxx brings her sound expertise to create memorable music experiences. She is passionate about music and continues to push her boundaries to produce exciting and innovative mixes. With her exceptional talent and dedication, Magick Traxx continues to be a standout DJ in the electronic music industry.